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Investing in Monaco real estate is a smart move, as the market has recently surpassed the average price-per-property threshold of 50,000 euros per square metre, solidifying its position as the world’s most expensive real estate market. With its favorable tax regime, political and economic stability, and picturesque location on the French Riviera, the Principality of Monaco has always been a top choice for the ultra-rich. In a world that is increasingly uncertain, Monaco offers a secure haven for investors and those who desire to live in one of the most opulent destinations on the planet. At, we offer a range of high-end properties to cater to all your residential and investment needs, and our expert team provides strategic guidance based on industry intelligence to the wealthiest individuals worldwide who are looking to invest in Monaco real estate

Monaco real-estate investments

In the past ten years, the Monaco real estate market has experienced a significant surge, with prices skyrocketing by 75 percent, soaring from an average of 29,791 euros per square meter in 2012 to nearly 52,000 euros in 2021. Despite reaching these record-breaking prices, the market remains strong, with prices still on the rise. The driving force behind this price increase is the Principality’s extremely limited land area, where creating new development space requires reclaiming land from the sea, and the escalating demand from the world’s wealthiest investors who are keen to invest in Monaco real estate. Therefore, it’s a wise choice to invest in Monaco real estate, which has proven to be an exceptional investment opportunity due to the market’s robustness and the constant growth of its prices.

Invest in Monaco Real Estate
Investors can take advantage of more than just an increase in property prices when investing in Monaco real estate, as rental security is also exceptionally high, and rent avoidance is a rarity.

European demand is fuelling Monaco’s real-estate market
Investing in Monaco real estate is an excellent option for those seeking a secure and prosperous investment opportunity. The demand for Monaco real estate is mainly driven by European investors who desire a mild tax system and exclusive luxury amenities. The Principality’s unique appeal lies in its location, which offers investment security and a desirable environment. Monaco residents have access to an array of world-class amenities, including award-winning restaurants, extravagant resorts, high-end fashion boutiques, and prestigious events such as the legendary Monaco Grand Prix and Monaco Yacht Show. In addition, Monaco’s low crime rate, favorable location on the Mediterranean Sea, and proximity to the Nice Côte d’Azur Airport make it a convenient gateway to the rest of Europe and international destinations, while the city-state’s idyllic beaches and pristine Alpine ski slopes provide endless recreational opportunities. While other destinations may offer tax incentives and similar luxury standards, none can match the economic security that investing in Monaco real estate can provide. Therefore, for those looking to invest in real estate, “Invest in Monaco Real Estate” is an excellent choice.

Why Investing in Monaco Real Estate is Still a Smart Choice Post-COVID

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the Monaco real-estate market experienced a slight slowdown, but the most significant impact was a surge in demand for larger properties. Investors in Monaco began seeking more spacious properties within and beyond the Principality’s borders, causing prices to rise in neighboring areas. Nonetheless, with the return to offices, there has been a shift back to pre-COVID property types, and a preference to remain within Monaco. Despite the uncertainties that COVID-19 has brought, investing in Monaco real estate remains a wise decision, providing a secure and stable investment option with high growth potential, especially for those looking to enjoy the luxurious lifestyle and benefits offered by the Principality. Therefore, it is still wise to “Invest in Monaco Real Estate” post-COVID

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    So Investing in Monaco real estate can be a great opportunity!

    • Virtually Properties

      Thank you for your response. While investing in real estate can certainly be a good choice, it’s important to do your due diligence and carefully evaluate the potential risks and benefits before making any decisions. Investing in Monaco real estate may offer a high potential for return, but it’s important to consider factors such as market trends, location, property condition, and local regulations. It’s also important to take a look in our offers in off-market, many offers can be interesting for you.


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